ACM SAC 2006 - Programme of Data Mining Track

Programme of Data Mining Track at ACM SAC 2006

Monday, April, 24 - 14:00-17:00 - Hall of Sciences Mirande

DM Posters Session

TitleAuthorsFirst Author's Affiliation
Semi-supervised Outlier DetectionGao Jing, Cheng Haibin, Tan Pang-Ning Michigan State University
CLUC: A Natural Clustering Algorithm for Categorical Datasets based on CohesionShiri Nematollaah, Nemalhabib Aida Concordia University
Bias-free Hypothesis Evaluation in Multirelational DomainsWrobel Stefan, Körner Christine Fraunhofer AIS & Univ. Bonn

Wednesday, April, 26 - 10:30-12:00 - Amphi Claude Bernard

DM-1: Itemsets and Prediction

Chair: Rosa Meo, University of Torino, Italy
TitleAuthorsFirst Author's Affiliation
A Probability Analysis for Candidate-Based Frequent Item-Set AlgorithmsDexters Nele, Van Gucht Dirk, Purdom PaulUniversity of Antwerp
Associative Text Categorization exploiting Negated WordsGarza Paolo, Baralis ElenaPolitecnico di Torino
SMART-TV: A Fast and Scalable Nearest Neighbor Based Classifier for Data MiningAbidin Taufik, Perrizo WilliamNorth Dakota State University
Embedded Predictive Modeling in a Parallel Relational DatabaseNatarajan Ramesh, A. Dorneich, E. Pednault, F. TiupIBM T. J. Watson Research Center

Wednesday, April, 26 - 14:00-15:30 - Amphi Claude Bernard

DM-2: Knowledge Discovery

Chair: Ramesh Natarajan, IBM Watson Research Center, USA
TitleAuthorsFirst Author's Affiliation
Semantic Analysis of Web Site AudienceNorguet Jean-Pierre, Zimanyi Esteban, Steinberger RalfULB
Induction of Compact Decision Trees for Personalized RecommendationNikovski Daniel, Veselin KulevMERL & Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Effective Rule Induction from Labeled GraphsHorvath Tamas, Wrobel Stefan, Hoche Susanne Fraunhofer Institute AIS
Expanding the Taxonomies of Bibliographic Archives with Persistent Long-TermSchult Rene, Spiliopoulou Myra ITI

Thursday, April, 27 - 8:30-10:00 - Amphi Claude Bernard

DM-3: Sequences

Chair: Xintao Wu, UNC Charlotte, USA
TitleAuthorsFirst Author's Affiliation
Looking for monotonicity properties of a similarity constraint on sequencesMitasiunaite Ieva, Boulicaut Jean-FrancoisLIRIS - INSA Lyon
Mining Sequences with Temporal AnnotationsNanni Mirco, Giannotti Fosca, Pedreschi Dino, Pinelli Fabio ISTI-CNR
Discovery of Interesting Episodes in Sequence DataChakravarthy Sharma, Ambika Srinivasan, Dhawal Bhatia The Univ. of Texas at Arlington
Exploit Sequencing to Accelerate Hot XML Query Pattern MiningQian Qian, Jianhua Feng, Jianyong Wang, Lizhu ZhouCS Dept. Tsinghua Univ. Beijing, China

Thursday, April, 27 - 10:30-12:00 - Amphi Claude Bernard

DM-4: Preserving Privacy

Chair: TBA
TitleAuthorsFirst Author's Affiliation
A Privacy Preserving Web Recommender SystemLucchese Claudio, Baraglia Ranieri, Orlando Salvatore, Serranò Massimo, Silvestri FabrizioCa' Foscari U of Venice
Towards Low-Perturbation Anonymity Preserving Pattern DiscoveryBonchi Francesco, Atzori Maurizio, Giannotti Fosca, Pedreschi Dino KDD Lab ISTI-C.N.R.
Privacy-Preserving SVM using Nonlinear Kernels on Horizontally Partitioned DataVaidya Jaideep, Yu Hwanjo, Jiang Xiaoqian Rutgers University
On the Use of Spectral Filtering for Privacy Preserving Data MiningWu Xintao, Guo Songtao UNC Charlotte

Thursday, April, 27 - 14:00-15:30 - Amphi Claude Bernard

DM-5: Feature Extraction and Meta-Model Learning

Chair: TBA
TitleAuthorsFirst Author's Affiliation
The Impact of Sample Reduction on PCA-based Feature Extraction for Supervised LearningPechenizkiy Mykola, Puuronen Seppo, Tsymbal AlexeyUniversity of Jyväskylä
Selecting Parameters of SVM Using Meta-Learning, Kernel Matrix-based Meta-FeaturesSoares Carlos, Brazdil Pavel NIAAD-LIACC
A methodology for comparing classifiers that allow the control of biasZamolotskikh Anton, Cunningham Padraig, Delany Sarah Jane University of Dublin, Trinity College
Towards Value Disclosure Analysis in Modeling General DatabasesWu Xintao, Guo Songtao, Li Yingjiu UNC Charlotte